We are your Audi auto parts specialist in Canada.  With one of the largest online OEM and Genuine Audi parts catalogue for Canadians, we are your best option to buy the German OEM parts you've been looking for, from the comfort of your Home. Whether you are in Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia or in British Columbia, we will deliver the Genuine Audi OEM parts using the carrying power of Purolator Canada or Canada Post.  Please rest assured that both our customer service and auto parts quality are of the utmost importance, by reviewing our genuine customer satisfaction reviews.

Remember, there is NO duty¬Ě and NO custom brokerage.  What you pay at the checkout is your final price! Do you like hidden charges? At ACarSpecialist.ca we do not hide anything and that is why we can actually give you our 100% full guarantee that you will not receive any additional invoices / charges for your Canadian auto parts order.



  • Tip #1 - Left side = driver side / Right side = passenger side

    Tip #2 - (2 per car OR X quantity per car) This notice is for your information, all parts are sold individually. For example; spark plugs (6 Per Car). If you need to replace all the spark plugs, you need to order quantity "6" of them.

    Tip #3 - It is essential to correctly Identify your vehicle's make, model and month/year of production. This information is usually on your vehicle's identification plate or in your owner's manual.

    Tip #4 - If your vehicle is manufactured on, or within a month of, the date restriction of a particular part (i.e. part restriction date is 08/1999 and your vehicle was manufactured in 07/1999, 08/1999 or 09/1999), you will need to refer to the actual part installed on your vehicle to obtain the manufacturer part number. **Part Restriction format: FROM = produced on or after (month/year); THRU = produced on or before (month/year)**

    Tip #5 - If you are unsure of the actual month and year your car was produced, you can always call your dealership and ask them to confirm it or confirm the part number you are looking for.


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